Power System

Power Quality: An Introduction

Power Quality- According to definition of power quality given in IEEE standard, “Power quality is the concept of powering and grounding sensitive equipment in a matter that is suitable to the operation of that equipment.” According to Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standard IEEE 1100 defines power quality as “the concept of powering… Continue reading Power Quality: An Introduction

Power Electronics

Introduction to Power Electronics

combines three things which has been given as follows: Control: It deals with the steady state and dynamic characteristics of closed loop system. Power: It deals with the static and rotating power equipment for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. Electronics: It deals with the solid state devices and circuits for signal processing… Continue reading Introduction to Power Electronics


Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation

Bio-medical engineering is aimed at keeping people healthy and helping to cure them when they are ill. In general, them term bio-medical is used for the field. The term, bio-medical instrumentation is used for the methods of measurement within the field. The electrocardiograph first used by Einthoven at the end of nineteenth century. Physiological parameters… Continue reading Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation

Electromagnetic Field Theory

Electromagnetic Field Theory

Electromagnetic is a branch of physics or electrical engineering in which electric and magnetic phenomenon studied. Electromagnetic (EM) may be regarded as the study of the interactions between electric charges at rest and in motion. Design: The design of EM devices include transformers, electric relays, radio/TV, telephones, electric motors, transmission lines, wave guides, antennas, optical fibers,… Continue reading Electromagnetic Field Theory

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering


Paramjeet Singh Jamwal B.Tech, EEE, College Of Engineering Roorkee --- Anybody which possesses the power of attaracting piececs of iron called a magnet. The property by virtue of which this attaraction takes place is called magnetism. The iron ore like magnetite, lode stone are called natural magnets. Artificial magnets are made artificially from iron, steel… Continue reading Electromagnetism

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering


Paramjeet Singh Jamwal B.Tech, EEE, College Of Engineering Roorkee --- The Branch of Engineering which deals with the static charges is called electrostatics. It is generally used while designing and studying lightening rods and capacitors. When particular body is rubbed with another body, electric charge is produced. Electric field strength or electric intensity E =… Continue reading Electrostatics