Our Team

INFO4EEE is the team of following members who are serving for you:

Paramjeet Singh Jamwal, M.Tech (ICE) & B.Tech (EEE)
  • Contribution: Lecture Notes, Question Paper, Assignment, Project Report, Seminar Report, Practical Report.
Amarjeet Singh Jamwal, B.Tech (EEE) & Diploma (EN)
  • Contribution: Lecture Notes, Project Report.
Rajeev Kumar, M.Tech (PSE) & B.Tech (EEE)
  • Contribution: Lecture Notes, Seminar Reports and Project Report.
Munesh Kumar Singh, PhD*, M.Tech (ICE) & B.Tech (EEE)
  • Contribution: Project Report.
Rashmi Saini, B.Tech (ECE)
  • Contribution: Assignment.
Padam Kumar Yadav, B.Tech* (EEE)
  • Contribution: Assignment.

*Pursuing the degree.

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