About US

In 2012, INFO4EEE is started online for B.Tech Students with the aim to provide necessary materials i.e. Lecture Notes, Semester Question Paper, Assignment, Reports & Many More. Currently, We have 05 (Five) Assignment, 12 (Twelve) version of lecture notes, 17 (Seventeen) internal question papers and 23 (Twenty Three) semester Question Papers. For more details go into B.Tech section.

In 2014, INFO4EEE added the section for Reports. Currently, We have 03 (Three) practical reports, 05 (Five) project reports, 03 (Three) seminar report and 01 thesis.

In 2016, INFO4EEE added the section for Polytechnic Students. Currently, We have 03 (Three) version of lecture notes, 06 (Six) sessional and 03 (Three) semester question paper. For more details go into Polytechnic section.

There are four members in Our team who are contributing to INFO4EEE by sharing their lecture notes and other materials. Anyone (Student or Faculty) can become part of INFO4EEE by sharing their material.

“By You For You”

1 thought on “About US”

  1. Thanks sir
    These notes are owesome. it have written in very good language.
    thank you and your team for providing this facility


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