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Renewable Energy in INDIA – An Overview

Renewable Energy is non-polluted source of energy which is monitor in INDIA under the MNRE- Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of INDIA established at 1992 and India becomes a first country to set up ministry for renewable energy in all over the world. Mr. Piyush Goel, a cabinet minister is currently Head of MNRE. In INDIA MNRE has an authority to planning and development of renewable energy sources such as Solar power, Wind power, Tidal power, Biomass power and  small Hydro power plant,  so that MNRE has established following research Institutes and state Agencies:


State Agencies:

* other states also setup the agencies for monitoring the renewable energy in their states.

Renewable Energy  Goals in India : 

MNRE has scaled a ambitious target for generation of renewable electricity up to 175 GW till 2022 including generation 100 GW from solar power, 60 GW from Wind power, 10 GW form Biomass power and 5 GW from small Hydro Plant.

Statistics of Installed and purposed capacity :

Sources Total Installed Capacity (M.W) 2022 Target (MW)
Wind Power 28700.44 60,000.00
Solar Power 9012.66 100,000.00
Biomass Power 7856.94 10,000.00
Small Hydro Power 4333.85 5000.00
* Statistics as of Dec 31,2016

Top Renewable Energy Companies in India:

  • Solar Power :solar-plant
    • Tata Power Solar System Limited
    • Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd
    • Emmvee Group
    • Waaree Energies Ltd
    • Moser Baer Solar Group


  • Wind Power:Wind-Mills
    • Suzlon Energy Limited
    • Regen Powertech Private Limited
    • Orient Green Power Limited
    • Vestas India
    • Gamesa Wind Turbines Private Limited

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