Digital Image Processing

What is Reflectance

The measure of the proportion of light striking a surface which is reflected off it is known as Reflectance. On a clear Day, the sun may produce in excess of 90,000 lm/m2 of illumination on the surface of the Earth and On a Cloudy Day less than 10,000 lm/m2. Some typical values of reflectance r( x, y ) are given below:
  1. 0.01 for Black velvet
  2. 0.65 for stainless steel
  3. 0.80 for flat-white wall paint
  4. 0.90 for silver-plated metal
  5. 0.93 for snow
info4eee007 -brdfdefinition2
Paramjeet Singh Jamwal
Guru Nanak Education Trust Group Of Institutions
Roorkee – 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA

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