Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation – Question Paper – Sep 2012

Paramjeet Singh Jamwal
Guru Nanak Education Trust Group Of Institutions
Roorkee – 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA
1st Sessional Examination 2012-13
B.Tech (ECE) IInd Year
Attempt any Three Questions. Write down your Roll No on the Question paper.                       M.M. 30
   Time: 1 Hr
1.       (a) Explain various causes for instrumental errors.
(b) Explain the operation of series OHM Meter with suitable diagram.
2.       (a) The expected value of the voltage to be measured is 150 V and the measured value is
      148 V. Calculate:
      (i)  Relative accuracy,                (ii) Absolute error.
(b) Explain various Galvanometer constants or Intrinsic Constants?
3.       Give the circuit diagram of multirange voltmeter and explain. Also explain voltmeter sensitivity, voltmeter loading effect and voltmeter swamping resistance.
4.       (a) Explain briefly Balanced Bridge TVM.
(b) Explain True r.m.s reading Voltmeter.

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